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BioHaz technicians provide expert forensic & biohazard cleaning services including Urine & Faeces, Gross Filth & Dilapidated Proprieties, Vehicle Decontamination, Prison Cell Clean Ups, Crime Scenes, Water, Mould & Sewage Leaks.

A Biohazard refers to any biological materials including microorganisms, plants, animals, or their by-products that pose a threat to the health. Body tissue and bodily fluids are considered a biohazard contamination requiring clean up. Whenever a violent crime occurs within a building, or when a body begins to decompose within its interior, the surrounding building materials become contaminated with a variety of toxic agents.

Bloodstains on the carpet typically soak through the carpet and seep into the flooring beneath. Effective and comprehensive biohazard clean ups not only removes the biological threat from the carpet, but also from its supporting under structure including carpet underlay, concrete, subflooring and floor boards, where possible.

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BioHaz expertly trained and knowledgeable technicians will inspect your property and identify all areas that have been exposed to biohazards and remove, decontaminate, and clean up everything to mitigate the health risk. As Australia’s most trusted and professional biohazard clean up company, BioHaz employs only the most experienced and knowledgeable biological remediation technicians who will ensure the clean-up is done properly to reduce future risk on infection to others.

Our technicians will clean, disinfect, and dispose of all biohazard contaminated materials so you can move forward and be assured that you, your family, friends or co-workers are safe. Our team of specialists are dedicated and committed to providing hazardous waste remediation and treatment services that meet or exceed your expectations. Our company will respond to your needs in a timely and efficient manner, while providing cost-effective, results driven solutions for your hazardous waste disposal and treatment needs.

What is a Biohazard?

Biohazard Cleaning and Forensic Cleaning deals with the sanitisation of biological waste that can cause illness, injury and even death in living and otherwise healthy organisms. A biohazard can include anything from animal and human blood, bodily tissue and waste, viruses, bacteria and parasites. What may seem like an innocuous and localised cleaning job can be misleading. Many of these organisms and bacteria can survive on surfaces for many hours or days and can spread through various means without the appropriate cleaning regimens being put in place.

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Why Hire Professionals?

The purpose of a Forensic or Biohazard Clean is to remove any harmful biological material from a crime, trauma or accident scene to restore it to a biohazard-free condition. Exposure to potentially infectious materials can cause serious illness or disease if the blood or body fluids that you are exposed to are infected with blood borne pathogens. A comprehensive and appropriate biohazard remediation service requires specialised equipment, hazardous materials awareness and industry specific knowledge that the general population does not possess.

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Biohazard Remediation & Forensic Cleaning Experts

BioHaz is an industry-leading Forensic Cleaning and Biohazard Remediation company, committed to protecting the safety of our clients in across city and regional Australia. Our expert technicians are trained in blood-borne pathogen controls, respiratory protection, personal protective equipment and hazardous communications. We provide Internationally Trained and IICRC Certified technicians who are experts in their field, possessing necessary knowledge and experience to return your home or business to a safe, habitable and biohazard free condition.

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BioHaz technicians are here to help our clients recover from any situation leading to the need for Biohazard Remediation services. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are available to assist.

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