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At a time when it is often the last thing anybody would want to think about, the organisation of death, suicide or unattended death clean ups are the responsibility of the business, family, next of kin or individuals involved. BioHaz technicians have years of experience of death scene remediation to minimise the stress of an already difficult situation.

Unattended Deaths

Our certified, trained and knowledgeable Unattended Death Clean Up and Biohazard Remediation technicians provide residential and commercial property owners in all locations a comprehensive cleanup and decomtamination service.

The risks of cleaning up an unattended death are abundant, not to mention the mental grief involved as loved ones are usually hard to appreciate and the shock of a death can come on strong. When a family loses a loved one to a sudden death or suicide, it can be just as hard coming to terms with their loss and grief as it is making allowances for the remediation of the property in which it occurred. Employing an experienced death cleanup company removes the arduous task of remediating the affected scene from families whilst ensuring the property is sanitised to a hygienic and liveable standard once more.

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Compassionate Unattended Death & Suicide Clean Up Service

When a loved one passes away, coping with their death can be difficult for relatives and friends alike. Often what isn’t thought about is what happens next – having to remove blood, bodily fluids and odour can be an arduous task, which cannot normally be performed by standard household or commercial cleaning methods.

Our team of Death and Unattended Death technicians specialise in unattended death clean ups, where there is a crucial need for discretion and compassion to the family and loved ones involved. As with other jobs that involve exposure to blood or other bodily fluids, there are risks involved when handling these scenes. Our Biohazard Remediation technicians on call at any time to remediate any situation that may arrive from such traumatic events.

Unattended Death Clean Ups

Unattended death clean ups are a specialised bio-remediation service that must be professionally mitigated. Our professional forensic cleaning and biohazard remediation technicians understand the various procedures and our team of professionals is structured to be ready to handle the sometimes complex clean-up. The process is like peeling layers of an onion. Each layer must be peeled back until no more evidence of body material is present that must be completed promptly and methodically to reduce the potential for further damage to the property.

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Suicide Scene Clean Ups

When a suicide has occurred, the decontamination must be performed by trained technicians in order to protect the current and future inhabitants of the property. Suicide clean ups involves the disinfection, recovery, removal and disposal of all biohazards and infectious materials that have become contaminated with body fluids including blood, tissue, bodily fluids and urine but does not stop there. Those trained in blood, trauma and death scene cleanups are adept at tracing and remediating areas that have become contaminated – areas that the untrained eye cannot see.

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Blood Born Pathogen Decontamination

Death Scene Cleaning, Unattended Death Clean Ups, Suicide and Self-Harm Clean Up involves certain procedures that must be performed in order to make certain the scene is left safe. Our technicians are trained specifically to handle blood borne pathogens in a home environment.

In our experience family and friends of a suicide victim have a significant amount of distress and grief to manage immediately after such a tragic event. It’s hard to make coherent decisions about suicide clean up and its implications. We are discreet and caring in our dealings with people involved in the situation. At BioHaz, our goal is to solve the immediate problem of suicide clean up and lift the burden from the people suffering from the event.

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BioHaz technicians are here to help our clients recover from any situation leading to the need for Death, Unattended Death & Suicide remediation services. Our compassionate, discreet and knowledgeable team are available to assist.

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