Ballina Forensic Cleaning| Biohazard Remediation in Ballina

Ballina Forensic Cleaning services include Biohazard Decontamination, Forensic Cleaning. Crime Scene Clean Ups, Death & Suicide Cleaning and Meth Lab Testing & Remediation.

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Ballina Forensic Cleaning | Expert Biohazard Remediation and Crime Scene Cleaning | Prompt and Guaranteed Service

Ballina Forensic Cleaning

Delivering Biohazard Cleaning services to homeowners, businesses, government agencies, real estate agents, insurance providers and the private sector in Grafton and surrounding areas, Ballina Forensic Cleaning technicians are well practiced in all components of biohazard remediation work to ensure your property, business or vehicle is comprehensively and promptly remediated to a safe and biohazard free environment once more.

Ballina Forensic Cleaning | BioHaz Decontamination & Remediation Experts

Ballina Forensic CleaningServicing all of Ballina and the surrounds, BioHaz is a full service, forensic and disaster remediation and restoration company. Our highly skilled forensic cleaners harness years of collective experience at each and every job to ensure the property is unequivocally and successfully remediated to a habitable and biohazard free standard for all current &  future occupants.

Ballina Forensic Cleaning | Comprehensive Crime Scene Cleaning

At BioHaz, we are here to help you in this time of stress specialising in crime scene clean ups and biohazard remediation so you don’t have to. The area of a contamination you have experienced needs to be cleaned, disinfected and sanitised of all bio-hazards. Our team of trained, qualified and experienced crime scene clean up technicians are certified to ensure the bio-affected area is completely sanitised.

By implementing tried and tested job-specific procedures developed with both technical training and onsite experience, BioHaz Ballina Forensic Cleaning experts are dedicated to maintaining our reputable standard of service by providing our clients with the highest quality of service with dignity and respect.

Sewage Contamination Remediation Ballina

Sewage Contamination Remediation Ballina

IICRC certified and highly skilled, BioHaz’s Ballina Sewage and Water Biohazard Remediation technicians provide expert service in all sewage and water clean up jobs including sewage spills and toilet back-ups and sewage damaged scenes.

hoarder house clean ups ballina

Hoarder House Cleaning Ballina

BioHaz provide experienced, sensitive and discrete hoarded house clearance technicians able to carry out the removal and disposal of accumulated possessions, rubbish and clutter from the home of a hoarder whether deceased or still occupying a property in the most sensitive and private Ballina Hoarder House Clean Up service.

fire and smoke damage remediation ballina

Fire Damage Remediation Ballina

Ballina’s BioHaz biohazard remediation technicians are the industry leader in all aspects of Fire Damage and Smoke Damage Remediation, a highly specialised biohazard remediation service which should only be completed by a trained and certified technician with the skills and technical knowledge to provide a successful and reliable remediation experience.

needles and sharps clearances ballina

Ballina Sharps & Needles Clearances

BioHaz Ballina team is methodically practised in providing a prompt and successful needle and sharp sweep in any area including waste and rubbish, outdoor areas and properties to guarantee all sharps are found and removed before decontaminating area to ensure all bio-hazardous items and materials are removed.

blood and trauma clean ups ballina

Ballina Blood & Trauma Clean Ups

BioHaz is the Ballina region leader in Blood Spills & Trauma Remediation. The aftermath of a trauma is particularly heartbreaking and difficult to grasp. Professional Blood and Trauma Clean Up technicians from BioHaz should be employed to ensure the affected area is left in an odour free, safe, bio-hazard free and liveable condition.

vehicle decontamination ballina

Ballina Vehicle Decontamination

Providing all aspects of biohazard remediation, BioHaz is the Ballina leading provider in Vehicle Decontaminations and can assist with removing odour causing bacteria and pathogens that originate from a variety of different sources as well as blood removal, biohazard remediation and stolen vehicle clean up and remediation in cars, busses, trucks, boats and emergency vehicles.

Ballina Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaning Ballina

BioHaz is the Ballina regions’ leader in crime scene cleaning services when dealing with the challenging and highly specialised task assigned to biological remediation technicians after a crime, assault, homicide or other traumatic accident has occurred where the potential for infection from pathogens, bacteria and other biohazards are likely.

Death and Suicide Clean Ups Ballina

Death & Suicide Cleaning Ballina

At a time when it is often the last thing anybody would want to think about, the organisation of unattended death and suicide clean ups is the responsibility of the business or individuals involved. BioHaz Ballina technicians have years of experience of death scene remediation to minimise the stress of an already difficult situation.

deceased estate clean ups ballina

Ballina Deceased Estate Cleaning

Providing compassionate and prompt deceased estate clean ups in Ballina, BioHaz trained Deceased Estate Clean Up experts possess extensive industry knowledge and on-the-job experience to successfully and efficiently complete a Deceased Estate Clean including rubbish removal, charity pick-ups and sanitisation of the property to a safe zone for the family and loved ones.

meth lab testing ballina

Meth Lab Swabbing & Testing Ballina

BioHaz’s team is locally based and internationally trained in all aspect of methamphetamine decontamination and testing. Providing both DIY Home Meth Test Kits and Independent Laboratory Testing, BioHaz methamphetamine remediation technician can provide all of our clients with a tailored solution for any methamphetamine contamination testing service required in Ballina.

meth lab decontamination ballina

Ballina Meth Lab Decontamination

With internationally trained Meth Lab Remediation Technicians who possess the skills to decontaminate and remediate any property or vehicle contaminated by Meth and onsite contaminated caused by the production and by-chemical waste, BioHaz Ballina technicians are the leaders in all aspects of meth lab decontamination.

ballina biohazard and forensic cleaning

Biohazard & Forensic Cleaning Ballina

Delivering Biohazard and Forensic Cleaning services to homeowners, businesses, government agencies, real estate agents, insurance providers and the private sector, BioHaz is well practiced in all components of biohazard remediation work to ensure your property, business or vehicle is comprehensively and promptly remediated to a safe and biohazard free environment once more.

Trained & Certified Biohazard Remediation Technicians Servicing Ballina and Northern New South Wales

Ballina Forensic Cleaning provides all residents with a comprehensive and highly specialised forensic and biohazard cleaning service. Our comprehensive Biohazard Remediation process will eliminate any harmful conditions that have resulted due to a crime, biological hazard, water or sewage damage and restore the area back into a safe environment. Our technically trained and experienced forensic cleaning technicians provide specialist cleaning and restoration services in Ballina covering all requirements from water and flood damage to fire and smoke damage and crime scene clean ups and unattended death scene clean up.

Ballina Forensic Cleaning | News & Updates

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