Expert Biohazard Remediation Technicians

When it comes to emergency trauma and crime scene cleaning in the Northern Rivers region including Byron Bay, Alstonville, Yamba, Maclean and Lismore, BioHaz technicians are on hand to provide rapid, discreet and comprehensive cleaning and sanitising in distressing situations. Our expert technicians are on hand 24/7, to clean up after suicide, trauma and deaths where a biohazard contamination exists. Not only is important to have a prompt response to take care of the emotional situations, but it is crucial to eliminate the health hazards that these types of scenarios pose for all current and future occupants.

Who is Responsible for the Crime Scene Cleaning?

It is a common misconception that emergency services will organise the clean up of a traumatic incident or crime scene once they have finished. Unfortunately this is not the case. It is the responsibility of the property, or premises owner to organise the clean up of blood and other hazardous bodily fluids. This is an upsetting and distressing time and when compounded with the enormous task of cleaning up a gruesome scene, many people are lost as to how to proceed. BioHaz technicians should always be your first call to ensure you receive the correct information and appropriate response to handle your situation.

What are the Risks Associated with Cleaning Myself?

Not only is it important to take care of these unsettling situations as quickly as possible for the obvious reasons, the health hazards associated with these types of emergencies are significant. There are strict guidelines and legislation surrounding the cleaning of crime and trauma scenes to ensure the safety of those cleaning and the occupants of the property, in addition to regulations confirming the disposal of potentially hazardous waste. Viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV are all transferred via bodily fluid so the treatment of contaminated areas by specialist technicians is vital.

BioHaz | The Northern Rivers Experts in Trauma & Biohazard Remediation

BioHaz Northern Rivers expert biohazard and forensic cleaning technicians provide a discreet and effective sanitisation and remediation solution whilst ensuring client confidentiality is upheld. Utilising advanced decontamination and cleaning techniques, the area is safety disinfected and the removal of dangerous bodily fluids is performed in a controlled and sensitive manner eliminating the risk and spread of infection. BioHaz has a team of trauma and crime scene cleaning specialists who are on call 24 hours day 7 days a week providing rapid response to these difficult situations.