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The need for pre forensic testing is dependent on the circumstances of each property. Pre forensic testing can significantly reduce Drug Residue Decontamination costs by singling out contaminated areas only and the automatic discarding of any materials too contaminated to be cleaned.

BioHaz internationally trained and certified Methamphetamine Decontamination and Remediation technicians recommend a full and comprehensive meth testing regime including the employment of independent laboratory testing for all properties affected by methamphetamine. Testing for actual manufacturing chemicals is complex. With many methods utilised in manufacturing methamphetamine, there are potentially hundreds of compounds used in making the drug and that are formed in the process. Identifying these compounds require the knowledge and resources of an industrial hygienist.

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Drug/Meth Residue Testing, Screening, Sampling

Pre-forensic testing is performed for a several reasons including to establish the reference conditions for remediation and to meet sampling requirements for insurance companies and other associated parties. An onsite survey and inspection is completed by a Meth Lab technician from Biohazard Cleaning to gain a preliminary assessment of the property and affected area where the goal is to provide information pertaining to, and to assist with, the development of the clean up plan. Any information gathered in the first step of the remediation process is documented in a written summary.

Pre forensic testing can significantly reduce costs associated in the remediation process by singling out contaminated areas only and the automatic discarding of any furnishings or materials too contaminated to be cleaned. Meth Lab Testing should be performed for the following reasons:

  • To establish the reference conditions preceding remediation
  • To ensure health and safety of any person working onsite both before and during the remediation process
  • To meet sampling requirements needed by banks, insurance companies or any other associated entity
  • To help quantify remediation costs

Laboratory Drug/Meth Residue Testing

Many home buyers in New England and Northern Rivers regions including Alstonville, Yamba, Ballina, Maclean, Byron Bay, Tweed South and Lismore unknowingly buy homes contaminated by methamphetamine, which when smoked or manufactured, release dangerous chemicals. Your dream property can quickly turn into a nightmare.

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Meth Residue Test Kits

A contaminated home can not only cause sickness but also be uninhabitable for a long time. Even if your Northern Rivers or New England property has no past connections to meth, you should consider using a DIY drug testing kit or have professional technicians inspect the property before moving in to ensure no traces of contamination.

Drug Residue Testing Kits

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BioHaz technicians are here to help our clients recover from any situation leading to the need for Meth Lab Testing services. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are available to assist.

Required Service

Drug Residue Testing Costs:

DIY - Surface Residue Test Kit

$75003 DIY Instant Positive or Negative Test Kits
  • Test up to 2 Separate Areas

Composite Laboratory Testing

$330Up to 10 Sample Areas Included
  • 10 Individual Samples Analysed as 1 Sample

Detailed Laboratory Testing

$99010 Individual Samples - $99 per additional sample
  • 10 Individual Analysed Samples

Meth Lab Testing Services

BioHaz is your first choice for meth residue testing and drug residue cleanup in Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland.

We offer a full and comprehensive meth decontamination and restoration service. Our team of trained and experienced technicians have extensive on-the-job experience couples with innovative technology and cleaning methods to ensure the property is left in a safe and habitable state.